I am Peter

Constant change. Continuous movement. Let go.


What happened when you read the words above? Maybe you became restless from them. Or did you feel a slight irritation. I have noticed that many people react this way when I talk about their work. Functioning optimally in an organization is complex these days.

A specific mindset is needed to allow everything fall into place and find happiness from nine to five. That demands quite a lot from you. Learn new things, change habits: it doesn’t happen all by itself.

But that is what it is all about at work. And actually, in life itself. If you become aware of your own behaviour and how that is influenced by your environment, then there are possibilities: To do it differently. Better. More enjoyably.

This doesn’t mean that you immediately have to turn everything upside down. Small steps. But driven by intrinsic motivation. Not alone but together. Building a working relationship together in which you can be yourself. That is good for you and the organisation.

I believe in this.

It is a conviction that is based on more than twenty years’ experience with the greatest variety of clients. I have helped people take their next career steps. From talented beginners to the seasoned boardroom directors. Until I realised that the next job or position isn’t the goal. Insight and the subsequent acceptance that you are on an expedition, is.

I would like to help you to shape this personal voyage of discovery. And support you in your professional development. In the workplace. Or in the nature. Where I draw from my own expeditions.

During such a trip, when there is nothing around except for a couple of inexperienced fellow travellers, some basic gear and the elements, you learn a lot about yourself. You come very close to your core. The consequences? More peace, self-confidence and focus. And fun of course. I wish that for everyone.

I am Peter Blokland. Are you coming on an expedition?