Leadership expeditions in the nature

An adventure in the fresh air to reap the rewards during your work.

It is minus seventeen degrees, your sight is less than two metres, your compass is broken and you’re carrying more than forty kilos of luggage. Wonderful. These are the moments that you will treasure. The unique experience of the expedition in the wild nature.

It is my role, as your guide, to let you experience this as independently as possible. You do everything yourself. Together with the rest of the expedition group. During my expeditions, we are all equal. Of course, I am there to support you. But I don’t lead. You can rely on me when it is necessary.

During the journey, you are left to your own devices. But you’re not alone. You learn to work together with the other participants in exceptional circumstances. They have the same challenges as you. The expedition progress depends on how you deal with these challenges. The effect? Besides an unforgettable memory, you gain a lot of knowledge and experience that are useful in your work. Often at the most unexpected moments.

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